• 08-JAN-2010

U.S. Automaker Goes Global with Buick Brand

Buick Renaissance

As the nation's largest automaker, General Motors looks to build strength globally using the Buick brand. After a year of record losses and massive re-structuring, the auto industry is poising itself for a come-back. As part of their reorganization, General Motors, the nation's largest automaker, decided to focus on just four of their eight American brands. Buick, their oldest brand, will play a key role as the latest LaCrosse was designed collaboratively in Detroit and Shanghai. In addition, the new midsize Regal, introduced to America at the LA Auto Show, is a hot seller abroad. And in Europe, the Opel Insignia, based on the Regal, was named the 2009 European Car of the Year. Available video includes b-roll from the LA Auto Show and of the Buick Regal, as well as soundbites from Buick and MotorTrend.